Responsible gambling

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Self-evaluation test

Self-evaluation Test

The questions below can help you determine if you or someone you know may have a gambling problem. Most compulsive gamblers answer affirmatively to seven or more of these questions.
(Source: Nevada Council on Problem Gambling).

01. Do you spend time gambling that should be devoted to your work or your studies?

02. Is betting and gambling making your family life more miserable?

03. Is gambling affecting your reputation or the opinion that others have about you?

04. Have you felt remorse after gambling money?

05. Have you ever gambled to get money to pay debts or to solve your personal financial problems?

06. Is gambling reducing your expectations about life or about your perfomance in your work?

07. After losing money, have you thought about coming back to the casino as soon as possible to win back the money you lost?

08. After receiving your winnings, have you felt the urge to go back to gamble and win even more?

09. Do you find yourself often in a situation in which you gamble until you lose all the money you have available?

10. Have you ever lose money gambling that was lent to you?

11. Have you ever sold some of your belongings to get money to gamble?

12. Does it bother you when you have to use the money you set apart for gambling in everyday expenses?

13. Is gambling making you neglect your own wellbeing and your family’s?

14. Have you been spending more time than expected when gambling?

15. When you gamble, do you do it to forget your worries and problems?

16. Have you comitted or thought about committing felonies to get money for gambling?

17. Do you have sleeping problems related to gambling?

18. When you have an argument or feel let down or frustrated, do you feel an urge to gamble?

19. Have you felt like celebrating your winning streak gambling for a few hours in the casino?

20. Have you ever thought of hurting yourself or comitting suicide as a result of your gambling problems?


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