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Black Jack

Black Jack

General description

The purpose of the game is collecting a score higher than the croupier’s adding the values of the cards dealt but not exceeding 21. Players bet against the casino. It is called Black Jack when a player reaches 21 points with an initial two-card hand. If the croupier gets Black Jack too, a tie is called and no one wins or loses.

Players play their hands against the croupier’s, and they can play a maximum of two hands per round.

This game has two versions, Classic Black Jack and Perfect Pairs Black Jack, whose main difference is that in the second version the player bets on getting a pair of the same suit or another kind of pair.

Required items


To play Black Jack six 52-card decks are used, three of each color; it is also allowed to use decks of one color, as long as colors are alternated between tables. The back of the cards must have the same motif (design).

The values for each card are the following:
Ace: One or Eleven points, at the player’s choice.
Face Cards (J or Jack, Q or Queen, K or King): 10 points
The rest of the cards keep the face value.



To shuffle and begin the game at least two hands should be participating, that is, a player with two hands or two players with one hand each. In every table a maximum of 7 seated players can participate at each box.



Superintendence of Casinos (SCJ) - Morandé 360, floor 11, Santiago, Chile. Postal code 834-0456. Telephone: (56 2) 2589 3000 - Mesa de Ayuda Solicitudes Ciudadanas: (56-2) 2589 3080. RUT: 61.976.100-6. Hours of operation: from monday to thursday 9:30 am to 13:00 pm and from 15:00 pm to 17:30 pm; and friday 9:30 am to 13:00 pm and from 15:00 am to 16:30 pm.

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