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Card games



General description

Baccarat is a card game, in which players have to collect nine points or a score as close as possible to nine. The score is obtained adding 2 (two) or 3 (three) cards from each of the two hands at play: the player or the banker.

Each participant has the option to place bets on one of the two hands, THE PLAYER or THE BANKER.

In this game one of the participants plays as the banker, who must place the bets in chips to cover the wager. The dealing of the cards must be performed by the participant who plays as the banker. The house is responsible of supervising players asking for cards, according to the rules, and of managing the chips to pay the wager.

Required items


To play Baccarat eight 52-card decks are used, four of each color; it is also allowed to use decks of one color, as long as colors are alternated between tables. The back of the cards must have the same motif (design).

The score depends on the values assigned to each card, mostly equal to its face value, except the 10 and the face cards, which have no numerical value, and the ace, which counts as 1. When adding the values of two cards tens are not considered and, for the purpose of this game, only single digit values are counted.

For example:
7 + 5 = 12 is counted as “2”
9 + 8 = 17 is counted as “7”
6 + 4 = 10 is counted as “0”

A zero score is announced as “baccarat”, which is how this result is called in the game.



To shuffle and begin the game a minimum of 4 players is required. In each table there is room for a maximum of 14 or 9 seated players at each betting box, depending on whether a 14- or 9-player table is used.

In this game version, one of the participants will play as the house and will receive the name banker; he will administrate the wager in chips to collect and pay out later. In the course of the game, the banker duties may be assigned to any player.


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